*NEW* ‘Dawn of A New Era’ Book Now Available to Order Online

We are very happy to announce the publication of a very valuable historic document: the intense testimonies of 31 members of the Unification Movement, who, in 1975, volunteered to follow True Parents’ call to go to foreign countries as pioneers of our movement. Many of them stayed abroad for years and even decades, often in […]

“Unification Principles” Book Now Available to Order Online *NEW VIDEO INTERVIEW*

“The authors’ purpose was to express the teachings of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon for a general readership. With their permission, and more than forty years after its completion in the spring of 1978, KANDO Publishers is pleased to publish this work for a wider audience. We replaced some of the 40-year-old manuscript’s original graphics, […]

*NEW* ‘Stories to Nourish the Heart’ by Elisabeth Seidel

A victorious HTM, Elisabeth Seidel completed giving the Holy Marriage Blessing to her couple’s tribe of 430 couples, receiving the Cheon Bo (Treasures of Heaven) award, after her beloved husband, Dietrich, had already ascended to the spirit world. She has much to share about the heart needed to restore their tribe. “Stories to Nourish the […]

“Called To Pioneer” Book By Robert Williamson Is Available Now

We sat down with Robert Williamson to talk about his autobiography titled: “Called To Pioneer”; watch the interview below!  “An encounter on Princes Street, Edinburgh in 1972 profoundly changed the course of Robert Williamson’s life; the student of hotel management struck out on a path of discipleship as a missionary in the then little-known Unification […]

Read The Intro To “Loving, Living Words” The New Book From The BFD

The new book produced by the Blessed Family Department and written by Susan Crosthwaite is now available to order through your local pastor. It can also be accessed through Amazon Kindle, with the introduction being made available to read in this article. The book is a study book that gives daily thoughts and questions to […]

‘Mother of Peace’ – Special Discount on Bulk Orders

Offers Ends on 30th June “As I complete this book, one person I dearly miss at this moment is my beloved husband, Father Sun Myung Moon. We spent our lives together to convey and accomplish God’s will … If he were here to witness the publication of this book, his face would shine with a […]

True Mother’s Book Club for UK Sisters 18+

Start date: 2nd February 2021, End date: 13th April 2021 “There was a real diversity of experience and thought which led to enriching discussions” We have successfully completed our 11 week condition as 18+ UK Sisters reading Mother’s autobiography! The idea for this book club came about from Dawn Pollitt and Simran R., Dawn being […]