International CARP Talk

Information Call – For Members Only – Tuesday 22nd March at 7pm GMT First Public Meeting – Invite Your Friends! – Tuesday 29th March

Freedom & Responsibility

Organised by CARP EUME Friday 14th May at 6pm BST This month’s lecture will be led by Manjola from Albania, who will talk about the importance of having a balance in our life to unite according to the law of the Principle and take responsibility over our words and action. Feel free to share this […]

Being vs Doing Mindset

Organised by CARP EUME Friday 19th March at 6pm GMT This month’s CARP EUME public lecture will be led by Deborah Calì, mindset coach. Deborah has been leading the STF training program for many years and has been directly involved in youth outreach and witnessing! This is a great opportunity to invite friends and guests […]

Are You Ready for the Next Level?

Organised by CARP EUME Friday 19th February at 6pm GMT Our lives are marked by a series of events. They happen as time passes quickly. Often we are taken by surprise, unprepared. Join this meeting to stay ahead of the game! Robert Török will introduce the 3 Blessings in a relatable way for youth and […]

Finding Balance and Coping with Stress – Online Lecture

Organised by CARP EUME Friday 22nd January at 6pm GMT This public lecture is open to all your friends and relatives whom you want to bring together on our journey, closer to the Divine Principle and our Heavenly Parent. CARP EUME is excited to introduce a new young speaker: Andrei Esanu. He is a professional […]