Hyojeong CheonBo EUME Special Events in 2021

PLEASE NOTE that the deadlines for UK members to send payments for these events are a few days earlier than is stated in the official memo from EUME HQ. This is to give enough time for transactions to be checked and processed by FFWPU-UK HQ before being sent on to EUME CheonBo HQ. UPDATE – […]

CheonBo Victor Couple Survey

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Thank you again for all your efforts in outreach and Tribal Messiah activities, gradually expanding our Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community and the culture of heart. The Covid Pandemic has proved challenging for all of us, requiring extra effort and creativity to maintain friendships, and develop new relationships. Hopefully, we will be […]

True Parents’ Special Directives

Summary of True Parents’ Special Directives for the 9th Year of Cheon Il Guk > The 2nd CheonBo Registration Ceremony will be held in October 2021 > Blessing 43 couples made up of single Blessing candidates is recognised as equal to bringing 430 couples to the Blessing > CheonShimWon Special Prayer Hall Ceremony to Bequeath […]

Hyojeong CheonBo EUME Special Events in Autumn/Winter 2020

IMPORTANT: Please note that the UK event in December has regrettably been cancelled due to COVID-19, however many of the other events are going ahead within the EUME region so you can still register for the graces available. The next CheonBo EUME Special Events in Autumn/Winter 2020 will be held simultaneously in multiple countries throughout […]