New Peace Embassy Opens In Glasgow

A new Peace Embassy was officially opened over the past weekend in Glasgow, Scotland. This past Sunday, the 19th of June, was a very special day for our community up here in Scotland! We had the opening ceremony and holy salting for our new Peace Embassy in Glasgow. We welcomed up our special guests, Dr […]

Sermons From Our North London Holy Community Are Available To Watch on YouTube

You can now watch sermons from our North London and North Of Thames Community on their YouTube Channel. To watch the sermons, please visit the North London Holy Community YouTube Channel. Below are the most recent sermons. You can watch more sermons from across our communities by visiting our “Sermons” webpage:

Brothers in Arms Workshop 2022

You are invited to an exciting weekend away at the beginning of the February half term for a brothers’ workshop at Livingstone House in Chislehurst. This is organised for brothers aged 11-18, co-directed by Benjy, Paulo and Len. As young men, we understand the importance of staying connected and forming strong relationships between brothers in […]

Happy, Healthy, Holy – HPHC Family Tradition Prize 2022

Dear brothers and sisters, We are excited to present to you the HPHC Family Tradition Prize 2022. To foster happy, healthy, and holy families in our communities, we encourage beautiful family traditions currently and throughout the year. In February, our Heavenly Parents’ Holy community celebrates a special season that also includes our Founders, True Parents’ […]

Council Of Communities Returns!

Over the weekend, our community leaders and representatives gathered in Derbyshire to discuss the future of our movement, in a program led by the young adults of our community. After over a year and a half of being held online, the Council Of Communities returned for its first in-person gathering since January 2020. The purpose […]

In-Person Sunday Services Are Returning

As we work our way back towards normality, in-person Sunday Services are making a comeback, alongside various events and hybrid services [in-person and online]. Over the past few weeks and months, our communities up and down the United Kingdom have started to resume Sunday Services and other community activities. In South London, hybrid services have […]

Register Your Details Now and Prevent Acute FOMO

FOMOnoun      informal  /ˈfəʊ.məʊ/ :fear of missing out: Fear of not being included in something (such as an interesting of enjoyable activity) that others are experiencing. Have you ever experienced the above? Perhaps it was that time an important 40-day prayer condition started, but you only found out about it 4 days into the devotional period. […]