“The Energy Was Mightily High” – YSP For Project Spring Revival

We were blessed to be able to offer our dedication and time to the Wonjeon in Stanton Fitzwarren over the bank holiday weekend for our Youth and Students for Peace (YSP) project. Our goal was to create a wild camping area, put up signs, clear the path for the Woodland Walk, and create a new […]

European Summer Workshops 2022 – Registration Now Open!

Dear brothers and sisters, This year, we are planning to hold three European summer workshops for Second Gen (for both BCs and Jacob children), and we are opening registrations. Importantly, we are offering a new 22+ workshop for the elder age group and have adjusted and rebranded the Senior HARP workshop to respond to the […]

HARP UK: No Service This Sunday and Other Updates

Dear Parents, Carers, Pastors, Leaders, HARP, CARP, Youth, Young Adults, All! “We hope that You will rejoice to see our determination and active efforts to become sons and daughters in proud, blessed families who fulfil Your dreams and the hope of humankind.” – True Mother 16.04.22 I hope you have all had a lovely Easter! […]

Il Shim Class Of 2022 Graduate!

After over a year of planning, the Il Shim Program launched virtually on the 5th February 2022 and lasted 8 weeks, concluding with a lovely Graduation ceremony on the 26th March 2022. The Il Shim Program was an 8-week program aimed at empowering young Unificationists to discover their own relationship with Heavenly Parent, True Parents, […]

Get To Know Our New HARP Manager: Dong Soon Chen

We sat down with our new HARP Manager, Dong Soon Chen, and asked her about her goals moving forward, how she feels about becoming HARP Manager and what this new role involves. Watch the video below or directly on Vimeo. To get in contact with Dong Soon, please email: harp@ffwpu.org.uk. We want to wish Dong […]

HARP Service at Lancaster Gate

This Sunday 27th March, you are wholeheartedly invited to attend the monthly HARP service from 2:30pm at Lancaster Gate. The theme of the message will be “Creating A Condition Culture”. Hope to see you there!

Young Members Bring In The New Year With A Winter Workshop!

Over the New Year, young people aged between 11-18 gathered at Cleeve House to partake in workshop aimed around going deeper and understanding our God given characteristics. The UK Winter HARP Workshop concluded on the 2nd of January. The workshop for young people aged 11-18 started on the 28th of December and ran into the […]

HARP UK: Upcoming Events in October

Sisters Evening: Thursday 21st October at 7pm Brothers Evening: Friday 22nd October at 7pm Upcoming UK HARP Events: South London Halloween Party HARPies from all communities invited!South London Peace EmbassySaturday 30th October from 5pm-9pm HARP Service (in-person and online) Livestream details coming soon… Lancaster Gate HQSunday 31st October at 11am Keep up to date with […]

Online HARP Service

Saturday 25th September from 11am – 12:30pm Keep up to date with all of the news and upcoming online events on the HARP UK Facebook page. Connect, relax and have fun with the monthly online brothers evenings and sisters evenings. Find out more here…