3rd Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community Peace Festival

“You Are Heaven’s Tribute“ Sunday 3rd October at 00:30am PEACE BLESSING – Information from EUME Blessed Family Department We received an update from the International Blessed Family Department in Korea about participation in the Peace Blessing. They informed us that they would like to see as many eligible married couples as possible in this Blessing. […]

CheonBo Providence 50th Anniversary Testimony & Family Photo Exhibition

A testimony and family photo contest is currently taking place to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the CheonBo providence. You can download the application forms below: Purpose of Event: To give everyone in Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community the opportunity to participate in celebrating the CheonBo providence centered on Cheon Jeong Gung and the HJ Heaven […]

Live Broadcast: Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community Peace Festival

Sunday 4th April at 1:20am BST The Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community Peace Festival aims to share with guests and new contacts our understanding of God as our Heavenly Parent, and how we are to live, love, and follow God as our Heavenly Parent. This is a wonderful opportunity to invite new guests, particularly those who […]