Weekly Interfaith Prayers for Peace

Every Thursday at 7pm GMT from 17th March until 21st April These interfaith prayer panels will bring together faith leaders, representatives of faith-based organisations and religious youth leaders. Regional chapters of IAPD and partners throughout Europe and the Middle East will consecutively host the events to foster solidarity, peace, and reconciliation in Eastern Europe and […]

40-Day Devotion for Peace

Monday 7th March to Friday 15th April Dear Brothers and Sisters, We are in a time of great crisis in our region and beyond. The whole world is already praying desperately for an end to the violence, killing and suffering in Ukraine. Our members in the neighboring countries are making great efforts to help the […]

Interfaith Prayer for Peace in the Ukraine

Wednesday 2nd March at 7pm GMT Thank you everyone for your prayers, support and activism for a peaceful resolution to the crisis in the Ukraine. As we go to press, more and more troops are moving in on the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, and the second city of of Kharkiv has come under relentless missile […]

UK Weekly Devotion 2022

Every Friday from 6-6:30am GMT The power of prayer cannot be understated: When Jesus’ offered his final prayers in the Garden of Gethsemane, he implored his closest friends to stay awake in prayer with him, to form at least one final circle of protection during that critical episode. Our True Parents have created many concentric […]