Seonghwa Caring Ministry: Preparing for Our Ascension Webinar in May

PREPARING FOR OUR ASCENSION: On 27th May, members from the UK and from abroad participated in a webinar organised by the Seonghwa Caring Ministry. The topic was “End of Life Preparation”. This was later changed to “Preparation for Our Ascension” as our life on earth is only a stage towards our eternal life in the […]

View The Photos Taken At Avril Masters’ Seonghwa Ceremony

The photos taken during Avril Masters’ Seonghwa Ceremony at Stanton Fitzwarren, Swindon are now available to view on our website. View the photos through our website’s gallery here! The gallery is available on the footer of our website or on Facebook.  The video recording of the ceremony can be viewed below or directly on YouTube.

Seonghwa Ministry: “How Can We Support Our Bereaved Families Better?”

The Seonghwa Ministry would like to invite you to a consultation on: “How Can We Support Our Bereaved Families Better?” Thursday 28th October at 7.30pm on Zoom During the meeting, we will give an update on the Seonghwa Ministry, listen to some testimonies regarding the “Bereavement Journey” course, and more. We will also have an […]

The Seonghwa Support Team Is Here To Help And Listen

For those who are experiencing grief and bereavement, the Seonghwa Support Team is here is lend a helping hand and provide support to those who need it. We have recently updated the “Seonghwa” section of the “Blessed Families” area of our website by adding the contact details of the Seonghwa Support Team. The Seonghwa Support […]

A Testimony from the Annual Memorial Service

Celebrating the Lives of Our Dear Brothers and Sisters Who Ascended to the Spiritual World Brothers and sisters from around the country gathered on Saturday 14th August at the Holy Oak Memorial Woodland in Stanton Fitzwarren. They came together to remember and celebrate the lives of their beloved relatives who ascended to the spiritual world. […]

Event Reminder: National Memorial Service

This Saturday we will be celebrating the lives of our dear brothers and sisters who ascended to the spiritual world at the Holy Oak Memorial Woodland. Saturday 14th August 2021 – Holy Oak Memorial Woodland, Stanton Fitzwarren. The service will start at 11am prompt at Holy Oak Memorial Woodland in Stanton Fitzwarren.  We wish everyone […]