Viola Dirnhofer Is Our New Assistant Pastor For The West Community

Viola Dirnhofer joins our FFWPU-UK Staff Team as our new Assistant Pastor for the Wales, West Country and West Midlands (WWW) community, supporting Elliot Yamamoto in his role as pastor. What would you like to say to our wider community Viola? “Hello brothers and sisters! My name is Viola Dirnhofer and you probably know that […]

Get To Know Our New HARP Manager: Dong Soon Chen

We sat down with our new HARP Manager, Dong Soon Chen, and asked her about her goals moving forward, how she feels about becoming HARP Manager and what this new role involves. Watch the video below or directly on Vimeo. To get in contact with Dong Soon, please email: We want to wish Dong […]

Robert Török Joins FFWPU-UK Staff As Director Of Operations

Robert Török has joined our FFWPU-UK staff as our new Director of Operations and will be responsible for overseeing national events, health & safety, and GDPR compliance. Robert, pictured above with his family, originally comes from Romania and has recently spent a couple of years as the pastor of our Scotland Community. As he steps […]

Get To Know Our New Pastor: Elliot Yamamoto (Video Interview)

We sat down with our new Wales and West Country Pastor, Elliot Yamamoto, and asked him about his goals moving forward, how he feels about becoming a pastor and why he decided the role was right for him. Elliot is pictured above alongside his spouse, Ka-Young. Watch the video below or directly on Vimeo. We want […]

Get To Know Our New Pastors: Adza & Nittaya Mould (Video Q&A)

We sat down with our new South London and Bromley pastors, Adza and Nittaya Mould, to talk about how they feel about stepping into this new role, their backgrounds and what they can bring to our community. Watch the video below or directly on Vimeo. We want to wish Adza and Nittaya all the best […]

Franklin and Cecilie Fortune: Reflecting On Life As Pastors

After 24 years of service to our community, Franklin and Cecilie Fortune have stepped down as pastors of South London Community. We catch up with the pair as they reflect on their time as pastors. Or watch the video interview directly on Vimeo. How would you summarise your time as pastors? Franklin: “It’s been quite […]

Get In Contact With Your Pastors Using New FFWPU Email Addresses

We now have official FFWPU email addresses for each of our communities which we hope will make it easier than ever for our membership to get in contact with our pastors and community leaders. The new emails begin with the name of the community followed by “”, for example: The purpose of these new […]

Meet The Trustees

As FFWPU-UK is a registered charitable organisation, we are overseen by a Trustee Board who send in an annual report and audited accounts to the Charity Commission, in addition to fulfilling a range of other responsibilities. Here we present to you our Trustees.  The trustees are legally responsible to ensure that the charity complies with charity law, […]

Ron German: “God was always number one!” (Video Interview)

As Ron and Catherine German come to the end of their time as Wales and West Country Pastors, they sit down with Franklin and Cecilie Fortune to share about their experiences over the years. Ron and Catherine German will be stepping down from their positions of Wales and West Country Pastors at the end of […]

Comings And Goings: Changes Within The FFWPU-UK Leadership Team 2020 – 2021

Throughout the course of 2020, FFWPU-UK has seen a number of changes to the Leadership Team. As we move into 2021, we would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to those who have invested into FFWPU and detail those who will be stepping into new positions. Goings – We would like to offer our sincere […]