Togetherall: How To Build Emotional Resiliency

Struggling to cope? Find out how to spring back from, and successfully adapt to, life’s setbacks and adversities with these top tips from the American Psychological Association. Resilient people are flexible in their thinking, endure difficulty with a realistic outlook and often use the experience in self-empowering ways. But resilient people are not necessarily born […]

Togetherall: Face Your Fear

It’s tempting to avoid feared situations or rely on emotional props to get by. But this just feeds anxiety. The best way to build confidence is to face what you fear. The more you avoid dreaded situations or fall back on behaviours that make you feel safe, the harder it is to go into similar […]

Togetherall: Balance Negative Thoughts

Negative thinking can send you down and stop you getting the most out of life. But you can learn to change your thinking style. Studies suggest that to keep us safe we’re evolutionarily hard wired to take more heed of the bad stuff. If we’re in a healthy frame of mind we’re usually able to […]

TogetherAll: Get Physical

Exercise is a great energy and mood booster. But it’s tempting to find reasons for not exercising, especially when you’re anxious or down. Here are some ways to strengthen your willpower. How much and how often? Learn about the psychological benefits of exercise, plus how much we should be exercising and how often, in our […]

Dr Balcomb Shares His Experience With togetherall [Video Interview]

Dr. Michael Balcomb shares his experiences with togetherall, the mental well-being platform available to all of our FFWPU-UK members. Watch the interview below or directly on Vimeo. To register with togetherall, please visit: Or for more information, please visit:

TogetherAll: Get Through The Tough Stuff

Resilience is our ability to cope with life’s challenges and bounce back when things go wrong. Some of us are naturally more resilient than others, but the good news is that resilience is something we can all learn. It’s not just big life events like divorce or losing our job that can knock us for […]

TogetherAll: Goal Setting

Having something to aim for gives us a sense of purpose and helps us feel more in control of our lives. But it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and give up if you set your goals too high. Here are some ways to get moving and stay motivated. Imagine a set of stepping-stones leading to where […]

Video: TogetherAll Platform Demonstration

This video will give you an in-depth explanation of the Togetherall platform and our community, courses and resources. Togetherall is available for FREE to all FFWPU-UK members. Watch the video below or directly on Vimeo. For more information on Togetherall, and to sign-up to the platform, please visit:

TogetherAll: Be Assertive

Do you find it hard to say ‘no’ or to ask for what you want? Or do you come across as aggressive, or feel guilty afterwards, when you do? Then you could probably do with learning some assertiveness skills, to help you think, act and communicate more effectively. Being assertive is not about getting your […]