True Mother’s Recent Speeches

Courtesy of the Europe & Middle East Office 17th April 2022 – WATCH VIDEO 16th April 2022 – WATCH VIDEO 15th February 2022 – WATCH VIDEO 13th February 2022 6th February 2022 9th January 2022 5th December 2021 – WATCH HIGHLIGHTS 25th November 2021 24th October 2021 (9.19 by the Heavenly Calendar in the 9th […]

‘Mother of Peace’ – Special Discount on Bulk Orders

Offers Ends on 30th June “As I complete this book, one person I dearly miss at this moment is my beloved husband, Father Sun Myung Moon. We spent our lives together to convey and accomplish God’s will … If he were here to witness the publication of this book, his face would shine with a […]

True Mother’s Book Club for UK Sisters 18+

Start date: 2nd February 2021, End date: 13th April 2021 “There was a real diversity of experience and thought which led to enriching discussions” We have successfully completed our 11 week condition as 18+ UK Sisters reading Mother’s autobiography! The idea for this book club came about from Dawn Pollitt and Simran R., Dawn being […]

Happy Birthday Song Recording for True Mother

EUME Region Song Recording on Zoom Saturday 13th February at 7:30am GMT All are invited to a song recording session for True Mother’s birthday on Saturday 13th February at 7:30am GMT via Zoom. We will be making a recording of everyone singing the traditional “Happy Birthday To You” song together, followed by “SongaJi”. Happy Birthday […]

Contribute to a Special Gift for True Mother About EUME Centenary Activities

Organised by the European Centenary Project You all have been part of many wonderful activities to celebrate the Centenary of our True Father and the 60th anniversary of True Parents’ Holy Wedding in 2020. We want to keep record of all those events and efforts and present a beautiful book and video to True Mother […]