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Testimony Submission: “We Feel Grateful to Heaven for Guiding Us”

John and I have been involved in various chat groups on the newer social media Telegram since January, leading us to attend various events and activities. We have found a common base with many people who believe and feel the world is going through a great positive change while still fighting a battle between good and evil. Many of these people are righteous activists for freedom and many are spiritually inclined, yet they come from very diverse backgrounds with diverse characters. The common point is that they all believe in practising true love. On a few occasions, on a one-to-one basis, we have testified to God and True Parents, but mainly we try to love and get involved.

Within our own town of Devizes and nearby, we have connected personally with more than 20 people from Telegram that we keep in touch with regularly and even meet up with a small group every Sunday morning in a local park for an hour to support each other, pray, meditate and share ideas – the initiative is called Stand in the Park. We have a Christian and her atheist husband in our group, a retired health practioner, a horse owner, a spiritual healer, a chiropractor, a Quaker, etc. Each one seems to have been brought by the Holy Spirit.

Then we have regional meet-ups for those groups in Melksham, Trowbridge, Chippenham, Calne and Devizes. There are more than 700 such groups meeting in parks throughout the UK every Sunday and they are active on other days as well.

At the end of August, I twisted my foot and broke a bone…wore a huge black boot, used crutches and borrowed a wheelchair. I couldn’t stop being active, though, and John faithfully pushed my wheelchair to several events. One day, I felt moved to organise an indoor event at Cleeve House with the support of some of our Devizes group and a lady from Chippenham, Dr Clare, who I invited to speak at our 2-hour event as a minister of metaphysics. I had explained to my group that as a representative of FFWPU, the charity that owned Cleeve House, I would give an introduction to it as part of the programme. I was able to introduce John and myself as lovers of freedom, God and spirituality due to our 40-year involvement with FFWPU. I explained the purpose and goal of FFWPU, Mother Moon as the present founder/leader, her memoirs as the Mother of Peace, and her focus this year on Think Tank 2022 and the Reunification of Korea. We then had a beautiful meditation led by a spiritual healer of 20 years from Devizes before I introduced Dr Clare, our main speaker from Chippenham. Her partner was so intoxicated with Cleeve House that he later offered to come and volunteer his skills.

A total of 28 local Wiltshire people attended the event. Everyone had a wonderful time over the few hours — and wanted to plan more events and meetings as follow-up, hoping to bring their friends. Already some of them feel like we are a family. Of course we eventually hope to introduce the Blessing, but our community is made up of more than just married couples. Everybody needs to be embraced and educated in the love of True Parents and Heavenly Parent. When Stand in the Park group was first advertised on Telegram, it said, “come meet your tribe”. I feel that this is what we are doing substantially and we feel grateful to heaven for guiding us.

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