The Seonghwa Support Team Is Here To Help And Listen

For those who are experiencing grief and bereavement, the Seonghwa Support Team is here is lend a helping hand and provide support to those who need it.

We have recently updated the “Seonghwa” section of the “Blessed Families” area of our website by adding the contact details of the Seonghwa Support Team.

The Seonghwa Support Team are a group of six individuals who you can freely contact if you are going through hard times and do not know where to turn to. The team is here is listen and will help support those in need.

Please feel free to contact anyone on the team, or refer those who you believe are in need:

Françoise Murphy:

Franklin Fortune:

Mr Hayashi:

Anne Kobayashi:

Toyoko Davis:

Annerose Adams:

The “Seonghwa” section of the website also contains useful resources and information in regards to grief and bereavement, as well as Seonghwa preparation.

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