Live Broadcast: Think Tank 2022 Rally of Hope

Rally of Hope: Sunday 12th September at 00:40am BST

Highlights: Sunday 12th September at 5pm BST

Watch highlights from the event at 5pm BST on Sunday: or

Event Schedule (UK time)

00:40 – Commemorative video
00:49 – Opening performance
00:55 – Entrance of the national flags
01:00 – Opening announcement (Dr. Yun’s intro plus introductory video)
01:10 – Peace offering — Ceremony to Combine the Waters; Report to Heaven
01:19 – Peace anthem (Cheon Il Guk anthem verse 1)
01:20 – Keynote congratulatory messages (9 Korean local government leaders, by video)
01:33 – Peace performance
01:43 – Six keynote addresses
02:32 – Peace performance
02:44 – Entrance of the Founder
02:46 – True Mother’s message
03:06 – Video on the coming Peace Summit
03:08 – Keynote address (PM Hun Sen live)
03:19 – Inauguration of Korean Peninsula Peace Summit Organizing Committee
03:25 – Launch of THINK TANK 2022 Asia-Pacific Office
03:38 – Ceremony to welcome the global Peace Road team – finale
03:44 – Closing announcements

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