This Week In Our History: First Holy Marriage Blessing held at the Cheongshim World Peace Centre

In this week’s look at our history, we look back on the first Marriage Blessing that was held at the World Peace Centre in South Korea.

Two days after its formal dedication, the Cheongshim World Peace Centre served as the venue for a major Holy Marriage Blessing.

Officially, the “Blessing Ceremony in the Era to Open the Gates to the Victory, Liberation, and Completion of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind” convened more than 20,000 Unificationists from 54 countries.

More than 2,500 couples participated as newlyweds and 1,100 couples participated to “re-affirm” their marital vows.

Approximately 100 countries broadcasted the ceremony live by satellite while another 92 held their own marriage-Blessing ceremonies with previously-recorded materials.

Due to the impressive venue and the participation of attractive, young Unificationists, the Blessing sparked widespread interest. News outlets from some 100 countries covered the event.

Channel 4 aired a largely supportive special in Britain, titled “Married to the Moonies,” which followed three British youth and their partners as they prepared for and participated in the Blessing. The collaboration between Firecracker Films and FFWPU-UK was made possible through the great investment of various members.

A variation of the Channel 4 version, titled “Getting Married to the Moonies,” aired in the United States. It followed three American youths and their partners.

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