This Week In Our History: The 1,275 International Couple Blessing

As we well and truly move into 2022, we would like to introduce a new article series titled “This Week In Our History”, where we look back on significant events in the history of our movement.

We begin this new series by taking a look back on the 1,275 International Couple Blessing, which was held on January 12th, 1989, at the Il Hwa Company compound in Yongin, South Korea.

On this day, True Parents, Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han, blessed 1,275 couples from 87 different nations in holy matrimony.

The event was followed by the True Parents Holy Marriage Blessing of 72 Unificationist-born couples at the Little Angels Performing Arts Centre in the South Korean capital, Seoul.

Rev. and Dr. Moon emphasised the importance of the Marriage Blessing ceremony to transcend societal boundaries and create unity and peace among rival nations and disparate cultures.

Receiving the Blessing signified a couple’s desire to live morally and ethically, pointing the way toward the ideal family, society, nation, and world centred on true love and God.

After the ceremony, representatives of the couples were mobilised into forty-three groups of ten and spread out across South Korea to support witnessing activities and, later on, the distribution of the Segye Ilbo newspaper.

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We would like to congratulate all the couples who had their Blessing anniversary this week!

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