This Week In Our History: The Passing Of Lady Margaret Thatcher

This Week In Our History we recognise the passing of Lady Margaret Thatcher, the former Prime Minister Of The U.K., who was a friend of the Unification Movement.

Former U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013) was a friend of the Unification Movement. In 2007, on the 25th anniversary of The Washington Times, she sent a warm video tribute.

The following year, she accepted the Universal Peace Federation’s Leadership and Good Governance Award, and in 2010, on the occasion of True Father’s 90th birthday, she sent a hand-written greeting expressing her hope that it would be a “splendid occasion”.

Her appreciation stemmed from a common interest in combating global communism and promoting the values of “Family, Faith, and Freedom.”

She likely was unaware of True Parents’ pronouncements regarding an emerging era of women. Nonetheless, her career as a national and world leader provided a model that resonated with Unification values.

Lady Thatcher’s legacy is instructive for the Unification movement as it seeks to implement Rev. Moon’s vision of an emerging era of women.

She demonstrated that commitment to family life was not incompatible with public service and elective office, even at the highest levels.

At the same time, she showed that aspiring women leaders need not resort to victim scripts and sniping over sexist slights in order to be heard.

By exploding gender stereotypes, she demonstrated that effective leadership is, in fact, gender-blind. In all of this, Margaret Thatcher embodied a viable model of Unification feminism.

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