This Week In Our History: True Father On Cover Of Newsweek International

In this week’s look at our history, we bring to mind Newsweek International‘s interview with Rev. Sun Myung Moon which took place on June 14, 1976.

True Father granted an interview to Newsweek International’s Executive Editor, Richard Z. Chesnoff, and General Editor, Andrew Nagorski. Excerpts from their three-hour conversation were published as part of a cover story on the Unification Church.  

In the interview, True Father explained the origins of the Unification Church and its mission, saying: “My new revelation has made the Will of God crystal clear. And what is that Will? It is to save the world. So the Unification Church is not another denomination—it’s a movement to save the world, and through the teaching of the word of God, each individual in our movement becomes absolutely clear about the concept of the God-centred individual, the God-centred family, the God-centred nation and the God-centred world.”

True Father posing for the cover of Newsweek magazine’s June 14, 1976, international edition.

The following are some of the questions posed to Rev. Sun Myung Moon:

Q. How was God’s will revealed to you?

A. At the age of 16, I had a very spiritual, deep experience encountering Jesus Christ in the Korean countryside. That was the beginning of the revelations. Ever since that particular encounter, I have been in constant communication with the living God and the living saints in the spirit world, including Jesus, in my own search for truth. This cannot be explained in words too well.

Q. Why did God speak to you?

A. In accordance with God’s timetable, God has ordained or handpicked me. But why? We must ask God that question. I know just one thing: that mission came to me. God has three major headaches. First, moral corruption is rampant. Second, the Christian churches are divided and declining and their spiritual power must be restored. And third, Communism, an evil force in the sight of God, is rising – this is the foremost obstacle to the creation of the Kingdom of God on earth. When those revelations were completed and organised into the Divine Principle, I began to organise a movement and that is the Unification Church.

Q. You are obviously saying that you are a prophet, but do you also consider yourself the new Messiah?

A. We are in a new messianic age. But 2,000 years ago Jesus Christ never spoke of himself as a Messiah, knowing that would not serve his purpose. I am not saying, “I am the Messiah.” I am faithfully fulfilling God’s instructions.

Q. But you don’t rule out the possibility that you are the Messiah?

A. Let God answer you, let God answer the world.

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