This Week In Our History: True Parents Meet Nigerian President

In this week’s look at back our history, we take a look back at when True Parents met the President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, on July 15th 2011.

True Parents met newly re-elected Nigerian President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan at the president’s invitation on July 15th, 2011. The president had invited True Parents to attend his inauguration on May 28th. However, True Parents were unable to attend due to schedule conflicts during their 2011 World Tour.

In 2006, while governor of Bayelsa State, Dr. Jonathan and his wife received the Blessing from True Mother during her 120 Nation Tour.

He was quoted as saying at that time: “The newspapers and television portray so much conflict and hate. That is why I am so elated to be an Ambassador for Peace and to be a part of UPF. After today, I only want to do more for peace.”

He also reportedly donated $70,000 toward True Mother’s speaking engagement in Nigeria.

During their audience, True Father offered the president three suggestions for the future of Nigeria. First, he strongly urged President Jonathan to honour God and God’s laws and traditions at the centre of his government and to channel Nigeria’s national passion for religion toward being an asset for peace instead of a source of division.

Second, he emphasised the importance of supporting strong marriages and families, so that Nigeria’s traditional family tradition would not be eroded by a tide of secular and humanistic values threatening to sweep the country.

Third, he voiced the hope that Nigeria would emerge as a model nation for all of Africa, and for the world. True Father also spoke to the president about lineage, harmony and tradition.

Afterward, True Father spoke to 3,500 participants at a Universal Peace Federation (UPF) International Leadership Conference at the International Conference Center in the Nigerian capital, Abuja.

Dr. Goodluck Jonathan remains connected to our wider movement as he is currently the Chairman of International Summit Council for Peace (ISCP)-Africa.

ISCP-Africa is an association of incumbent and former heads of state and their deputies, established in 2019 by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF), an organisation in general consultative status with the United Nations (UN).

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