This Week In Our History: Yankee Stadium Rally

In this week’s look at our history, we look back on the iconic Yankee Stadium Rally which took place on June 1, 1976.

The poster for the event.

Almost fifty years ago, True Father made an urgent appeal to America to turn back to God. Yankee Stadium was the first of two major rallies held in 1976 as part of the movement’s Bicentennial God Bless America Festival. 

The second was held at Washington Monument on September 18. True Father compared himself at Yankee Stadium to a doctor and firefighter who came from the outside to help America meet its third great test as a nation, that of God-denying communism.

A rainstorm with strong winds hit the stadium prior to the start of the rally, blowing away many of the decorations. Unificationists rose in their seats or danced on top of the Yankee Stadium dugouts, singing “You Are My Sunshine” until the storm subsided. Approximately 45,000 people attended.

At the time, True Father’s message was translated as “God’s Hope for America,” but recently the original text of the speech in Korean was located. The title that True Father himself chose was “America Is God’s Hope!” which adds even more meaning to this historic and providential message.

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