Tracing God’s Providence: After the Fall of the Berlin Wall – Part 2

Free Online Workshop with William Haines

Monday 28th March to Friday 13th May from 6-8pm BST
(Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays)

UPDATE – 19/5: The current series has now finished and there will not be any further lectures in the week starting 23rd May.  The complete set of lectures on “Tracing God’s Providence: After the Fall of the Berlin Wall” will be available to view here… (6 out of 8 lectures have been uploaded so far)

Previous lecture series are shown at (as well as for series 6 “Making a Foundation to Receive the Messiah – from the Renaissance onwards”). 

For those interested in exploring these lectures, please note that the arrangement and titles on the webpage do not reflect the overall chronology of the core series.  Here are the titles and structure that should appear soon:

READING LIFE THROUGH THE PRINCIPLE: Commentaries on God’s Providence 

Series 1: Applying Genesis to Life and Relationships (currently entitled READING LIFE THROUGH THE PRINCIPLE: HEALING RELATIONSHIPS)

Series 2: Moses and the Israelites: Lessons in Leadership and Community Building

Series 3: From Joshua to Jesus: The Challenges of Nation Building (note that the first half of the first lecture in this series is missing)

Series 4: The Life and Teachings of Jesus

Series 5: From Jesus to the Renaissance: The Expansion of God’s Providence  

Series 6: Making a Foundation to Receive the Messiah: From the Renaissance Onwards (currently without a link on the website) 

Series 7: Tracing God’s Providence After the Fall of the Berlin Wall (6 out of 8 sessions available to watch)

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