True Father’s Autobiography Is Being Recorded By His Son Kwon Jin Moon On Godible

Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s son, Kwon Jin Moon has started reading and recording “As A Peace-Loving Global Citizen” on Godible. Read along with us at

Kwon Jin Moon, Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s son, has begun recording readings from True Father’s autobiography: “As A Peace-Loving Global Citizen”.

The recordings are available to listen to on New chapters are being released daily.

Godible allows you to access free daily Hoon Dok Hwe with the platform allowing you to choose your own language and time.

“As A Peace-Loving Global Citizen” is a first-person account by Moon about his family and childhood roots, his call from God, and the terrible persecution he overcame while in Korea to found his church and lay the foundation for his world-wide mission.

A recording of “As A Peace-Loving Global Citizen” has also been read by the late Henry Masters and can be listened to all major platforms, such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

For more information and to begin listening, please visit:

And to listen to Henry Masters’ recording of True Father’s autobiography, please visit:—Foreword-edd519

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