Simran R and Dawn Pollitt

True Mother’s Book Club for UK Sisters 18+

Start date: 2nd February 2021, End date: 13th April 2021

“There was a real diversity of experience and thought which led to enriching discussions”

We have successfully completed our 11 week condition as 18+ UK Sisters reading Mother’s autobiography!

The idea for this book club came about from Dawn Pollitt and Simran R., Dawn being a young mother of three and Simran a 19 year old student, as a way to facilitate meaningful discussion across these age groups. Also for the young women of the UK to connect more to Mother and her mission, and the female side of our Heavenly Parent. These were the points we prayed on in our seven minute prayer condition in the week preceding the start of the club. The club’s dates also happened to coincide perfectly with the twelve week long devotional period leading to the Holy Days, we saw this club as a condition we could offer also to support Mother during this time. Dawn and Simran therefore carried on this seven minute prayer condition throughout the 11 weeks, praying on these points as well as for the participants individually and for Heavenly Parent to be present within our discussions.

Overall, we had 25 registered participants, some could not come every week but we continued to pray for them and hope they could also gain positive experiences.

Coming from many communities across the UK, it was also a great opportunity to meet new people and create a sense of sisterhood across the nation. Within the group we had students, mothers, young first generation members and more, there was a real diversity of experience and thought which led to enriching discussions.


Just coordinating this book club was a really positive experience, both Dawn and Simran had meaningful dreams of Mother during this time, and even though we’d both read the book before, it felt like we could gain so much more when making the questions together and discussing with the group. We were also very happy to receive very positive feedback from the participants, here are some comments we received from our feedback form:

“I went into this wanting to connect more deeply to TM and her motivation for her mission, and through this experience it got me thinking about it more often, understanding a bit better where she is coming from in terms of life experience, etc, and just thinking overall a bit differently and more compassionately and gratefully towards TM.”

“I’ve gained so much more gratitude for TP and lovely connections with other sisters with similar desires. I loved hearing their thoughts and seeing them grow as well.”

“I am always open to a group that seeks to discuss important/deep topics and share in sisterhood – this was perfect!”

Closing words:

It is with humility and gratitude that we would like to offer this condition as UK sisters to our True Mother. Mother, we know that this book covers only a fraction of your story. At the age of 16 you became a Mother to all of humanity, if anything this book has made us realise how much of your course we will never understand. But please know that your daughters in the UK are striving to know and emulate your heart, and aim to be true mothers, daughters and sisters ourselves.

어머님 감사합니다! 사랑합니다!💜💜

Following such positive feedback, we intend to carry on some kind of Hoon Dok Hwe sessions weekly, our aim is to use the momentum from this condition to carry on more fruitful conversations with even more sisters. We will encourage participants to take turns picking content for us to study and discuss. We hope that through taking more responsibility for these sessions they will also be able to gain more and feel a stronger sense of community. Although being online has allowed us to have a wider reach, we also hope to meet in person when possible!

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