True Parents’ Special Directives

Summary of True Parents’ Special Directives for the 9th Year of Cheon Il Guk

> The 2nd CheonBo Registration Ceremony will be held in October 2021

> Blessing 43 couples made up of single Blessing candidates is recognised as equal to bringing 430 couples to the Blessing

> CheonShimWon Special Prayer Hall Ceremony to Bequeath Grace

> Participation in all four of the Cheon Il Guk Hyojeong CheonBo Special Great Works this year

In 2020, True Parents announced that members around the world would receive the extraordinary grace of being registered as CheonBo couples through the blessing of 430 couples.

The first CheonBo Registration Ceremony took place in October last year, and at that time the next registration ceremony was scheduled for 2027, which is the final year of the second 7-year Cosmic Canaan Course. However, following the victories of the past year, we are delighted to announce that the next CheonBo Registration Ceremony will now be held on 10th October this year!

Furthermore, when a blessed couple successfully blesses 43 new couples, either from among 2nd or 3rd Generation young adults, or older candidates, inactive single members of our 2nd and 3rd Generation, or through successfully witnessing to new young people, the results will be recognised as being the equivalent to the blessing of 430 couples horizontally.

True Parents have blessed the CheonShimWon prayer hall in the grounds of the HJ CheonBo Training Center to be the global headquarters for jeongseong (prayer and setting conditions). In order to participate in the CheonBo Registration Ceremony later this year, all blessed couples should inherit the grace of CheonShimWon through the CheonShimWon Special Prayer Hall Ceremony to Bequeath Grace. This can be done by offering a 21-day jeongseong condition, as well as registering for and attending the Hyojeong CheonBo Special Great Works, which will be held four times throughout this year.

Those who complete these requirements will inherit the following items:

1) the portrait photograph of True Parents at CheonShimWon
2) the portrait photographs of Hyo-jin nim, Heung-jin nim, and Daemo nim
3) eight holy candles
4) the Hyojeongwon (home for our ancestors)

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