Two New Signs Added To Holy Oak Hill In Stanton Fitzwarren To Commemorate True Father’s Centenary

Two new signs have recently been placed in front of the two oak trees planted by Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Henry Masters. A further plaque is currently being designed for Holy Oak Hill in order to commemorate True Father’s centenary.

Holy Oak Hill refers to the 557 acres of land in the village of Stanton Fitzwarren, which was donated to the movement by Henry and Avril Masters and their family in April 1973.  

The sign in front of the Holy Oak Tree, planted by Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

The area is divided into three parts; the Holy Ground, the Holy Oak Memorial Ground, and the Sheepslaight Woodland, alongside the Holy Oak Hill Office.

A commemorative plaque is currently being designed to celebrate True Father’s centenary year but, in the meantime, two new signs have been placed in front of the oak tree planted by Rev. Sun Myung Moon and the second oak tree planted by Henry Masters. This has been done in order to clearly distinguish one tree from another.

The two trees reside within the Holy Ground of Holy Oak Hill. The Holy Tree, planted by Rev. Moon in February 1974, is protected by a wooden fence and has been used over the years as a place of prayer. Next to the Holy Tree sits a second oak tree, which was planted at the same time by Mr. Henry Masters. Originally, seven trees were planted in the shape of a cross in order to represent Christianity.

Further up the hill is the Holy Oak Memorial Ground. This was opened in 2010 and is dedicated to Unificationists who have lived in Britain.

The sign under the oak tree planted by Henry Masters.

The third area at the top of the hill is the woodland, with the Holy Oak Hill Office on the edge of the woods. Built by volunteers, the building was opened in April 2019. As well as serving as an office, it is used for memorial services and prayer meetings. There are photographs inside the office which show a record of the planting of the Holy Tree and some of the work done on the site.

The Sheepslaight Woodland is 12 acres of natural beauty, making it the ideal place for picturesque walks, camping and picnics. Deer, badgers, rabbits and squirrels can be spotted, in addition to buzzards, red kites, pheasants, jays, and other woodland birds and wildlife.

In 2019, a short documentary was produced to document the lives of Henry and Avril Masters and their journey of faith. The documentary can be viewed here:

Alternatively, you can watch the documentary directly on Vimeo.

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