UK Initiative: Newly Established Mediation Team

The Mediation Team is a new FFWPU-UK initiative that will work to facilitate mediation between all members of our community and work towards greater unity within our organisation.

As a new initiative, establishing the Mediation Team in the UK is both a pioneering effort and a work in progress. Throughout our community, unresolved issues make unity and coming together for the common good difficult. Eventually, brothers and sisters can get hurt, faith can take a hit, and precious members become distant or leave. The primary reason for establishing the Mediation Team is to facilitate mediation where issues of disagreement remain unresolved, and where further conflict may arise.

Issues can be brought to the Mediation Team by a pastor, an individual, a group, or the national leader. Whilst each case may be different, procedures will be followed to ensure that accountability is maintained, and that agreeable solutions can be found. We hope that working with the Mediation Team will establish more trust and confidence that issues will be taken seriously and dealt with in an appropriate way.

The Mediation Team can be called upon to listen and provide pastoral support and care to those who have been impacted. We will work towards a positive outcome without delay.

Currently, the Mediation Team consists of four people whose contact details are below. If you have any questions, require further information, or would like to talk with any of the team please feel free to do so.

Inge Chandler             Email:             Tel: 07506 783495

Ron Chandler             Email:          Tel: 07579 057681

Hyosung N.         Email:           Tel: 07522 348257

Cecilie Fortune           Email:      Tel: 07941 692256 (from mid-March 2022)

General contact details:

The Mediation Team has been encouraged by our National Leader Mike Balcomb. In addition, our vice-national leader and vice-regional Leader Matthew Huish has been involved in the development of this project. We have also involved an independent expert trained in conflict resolution and mediation, she is also on board to help, guide and assist when necessary as we take steps forward.

This initiative has been in development since the Summer of 2021 and was initially promoted as ‘Safe Church Team’, before settling on the ‘Mediation Team’.

Why does our church need a Mediation Team?

The purpose of the FFWPU Mediation Team is to support a culture of honesty and transparency through facilitating mediation and accountability. Reported issues and conflicts will be handled confidentially and professionally. We will strive to respond with compassion and impartiality to foster healing and work towards a positive and constructive outcome for all involved.

Policy – A sound Conflict Resolution Policy has been drawn up and forms the foundation for us to work from. The Mediation Team will take responsibility to regularly review and recommend needed changes to the policy as deemed necessary.

Commitment – Even with our best prevention efforts in place, problems can emerge. Everyone in our church community needs to know the critical importance of maintaining a community where everyone is valued and protected. The Mediation Team is committed to supporting this goal; but it will take all of us working together to make our church and communities safer and more empowered.

For more information on mediation and conflict resolution, please visit:

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