UK Weekly Devotion 2022

Every Friday from 6-6:30am GMT

The power of prayer cannot be understated: When Jesus’ offered his final prayers in the Garden of Gethsemane, he implored his closest friends to stay awake in prayer with him, to form at least one final circle of protection during that critical episode. Our True Parents have created many concentric circles of devotion around themselves to protect their missions against attack. Our prayers have the power to mobilise and instruct beneficent spiritual forces to support our activities. Every level of our activities, from domestic family affairs to global peace initiatives, can be buttressed by heaven’s response to our sincere devotion.

A group of British members have been meeting online every Friday morning so far in 2022 in order to offer joint devotion. This group has been doing _hoon dok hwe_ (studying holy scripture) and praying together as an act of national unity: If we can unite together in this purpose, then we hope that heaven will unite with our activities that align with our Heavenly Parent’s desires.

You are invited every Friday between 6:00-6:30 am to join the UK community’s weekly devotion. Before heading out the door for school or for work or for anything else, please consider dedicating a small portion of your time to contribute to the powerful offering being made each week. This isn’t just for pastors or leaders: every one of us can influence the spiritual world with our heartfelt prayers; your attendance counts towards the offering.

Fumiko and I would like to invite all members and friends in the UK to join our new weekly devotion period, once a week on Fridays at 6am. This will feature HoonDok readings from True Parents’ words, a briefing on upcoming events, sharing, and of course prayer.

In 2021, our pastors team met in this way every Friday morning and now we would like to broaden the invitation to all those who are interested. The meetings will last no more than an hour and usually 40 minutes. For now, this will be held online by Zoom, but depending on circumstances I hope that later in the year it may be possible to occasionally meet in person, for example at the National Holy Ground.

Hope to see you on Friday!

– Dr Michael Balcomb, UK National Director

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