“Unification Principles” Book Now Available to Order Online *NEW VIDEO INTERVIEW*

“Unification Principles” – Video Interview With Dr James Baughman

“The authors’ purpose was to express the teachings of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon for a general readership. With their permission, and more than forty years after its completion in the spring of 1978, KANDO Publishers is pleased to publish this work for a wider audience. We replaced some of the 40-year-old manuscript’s original graphics, which were worn with age, but the text is unchanged.

“These teachings are of enormous value for any individual, family, organization or nation that wishes to break down the barriers that divide our global human family, alienate us from each other, and torment our souls. The book makes a case that universal God-centered values will lead us to peace in the world, in the family, and within ourselves.”

Fresh from the press – a great book to get into the Divine Principle teachings. You can read some sample pages from the book here:

You can also order the book by sending an email to:

KANDO is happy to offer bulk prices when you order a larger number for your community or nation.

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