“Untold Grace from Heaven” – EUME CheonBo Special Event at Livingstone House

River South Community hosted a EUME CheonBo Special event at Livingstone House on Saturday, and brothers and sisters pulled out all the stops to enable a glorious atmosphere for all to receive untold grace from Heaven. To all the ancestors that received incredible grace, we wish God speed! 

Saturday 7th May 2022 

Livingstone House, London, United Kingdom

A Cheonbo event was held in Livingstone House, a property which True Mother had stayed in during tours in 1999 and 2000. 53 members, mostly from London, gathered for a half-day programme consisting of ancestor liberation and blessing, a Chanyang session, and lectures and words from various leaders in Korea and in Europe. While only a subset of participants were liberating or blessing ancestors, we represented the wider community of European and Middle East members that liberated or blessed ancestors or other spirits but could not attend in person. This was especially the case for the Ancestor Blessing Ceremony where Holy Wine was lifted for spirits by all attending participants on behalf of those who were not present.

The programme consisted of a mix of live Zoom streams and videos. Through Zoom, the UK branch connected to simultaneous events in Latvia, Hungary and Bulgaria, as well as the Cheong Shim Won in Korea where Rev In-Pyo Moon connected the events to the providence in Korea at the start and the end. The majority of the programme was played from videos, which enabled it to run smoothly and facilitated the organisation at local level. The Ancestor Blessing Ceremony locally was officiated by Russell & Akiko, while other couples supported as attending and representative couples. We are grateful for the support of Mont-Lang & Solange who travelled from France to support the event, and to all the staff and volunteers led by Adza Mould and Toyoko D. The River South Community in South London looks forward to hosting similar Cheonbo events again.

Details of the upcoming CheonBo event in Livingstone House on Saturday 4th June are available here…

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