Upcoming Holy Days: 62nd True Children’s Day and 34th Foundation Day for the Unified Nation of Heaven and Earth

This week, we celebrate two special holy days: the 62nd True Children’s Day and 34th Foundation Day for the Unified Nation of Heaven and Earth. Please feel free to join in the celebrations with your local community!

Dear EUME Families!

Tomorrow, November 5th and again on Sunday, November 7th, we will be celebrating two important holy days in our Unification tradition: the 62nd True Children’s Day and the 34th Kaecheonil, the Foundation Day of the Nation of Cosmic Unity. Fumiko and I send our best wishes for your celebrations, whether quietly at home with your family or hopefully together with others in your local community, if it is safe to do so. Don’t forget to take some good pictures!

Did you know that True Children’s Day began as a Thanksgiving Sunday Service? It was November 19th 1960 just a few days before the American Thanksgiving holiday. Ten days earlier, John F. Kennedy had been elected as President of the United States, and everywhere there was a sense of new beginnings. True Parents later taught us that all of this was connected to the coming of True Parents and the Holy Wedding of 1960. The following year, 1961, True Parents started to use the term “Children’s Day” and said how very important the occasion was to God, our Heavenly Parent. Then at the 3rd Children’s Day in 1962, Father explained: “People celebrate various feasts such as birthdays, weddings, and Christmas, and enjoy themselves. But heaven has not had such festivals to rejoice. But this Day is the one that heaven celebrates and rejoices.”

We also mark the 34th Kaecheonil. It was my privilege to be present in person on October 3, 1988 when True Parents first proclaimed this day of victory. It was shortly after the success of the 1988 Korean Olympics outreach campaign. We met together for a very long time until well after midnight and I remember that True Father offered a prayer full of tears and determination for the future, saying, “Personally feeling my insufficiencies as I could not live up to Your desired standard, I have lived under the shadows. Still, You did not forsake me, but righted my way night and day, and I am truly grateful for the innumerable helping graces You have given me to aid me in pioneering the difficulties in my environment and overcoming crises in my path.”

This time we will also have the opportunity to receive the special Cheonbo Great Works Holy Candle of Heavenly Fortune that True Mother would like to bequeath to all of us. ((If you didn’t attend the Great Works but would like a candle, please make sure to catch up with the video recording of the programme which you can find here. By the way, we’ve heard that praying with the candle will help bring us big financial blessings in the coming year—which sounds good to us! This also seems like a good opportunity to thank all of you in advance for all your generous Holy Day donations!

2021 has been a challenging year, but let’s all “celebrate and rejoice” together with our True Parents and Heavenly Parent this weekend. True Mother has led the providence forward to many victories and is full of confidence that a great turning point is coming to the world. Working together, there is nothing we cannot do.

May Heavenly Parent bless you and your families!


Michael & Fumiko Balcomb
Regional President, Heavenly Europe & the Middle East

How do you explain the meaning of the Holy Days to children? It is often stated that something is only understood well enough if it can be explained simply. The Bromley Children’s Ministry asked Matthew Huish to prepare an explanation of True Children’s Day. This is what he wrote:

Let me tell you a story:

In April 1960, True Father married True Mother in the Holy Wedding of True Parents. Soon afterwards, True Mother was pregnant with their first child, a daughter called Ye Jin. But before Ye Jin nim was born, True Parents established Children’s Day.

Why do you think Children’s Day was established on the 19th of November 1960 and not on Ye Jin nim’s birthday, on the 27th of January 1961? Maybe True Parents were really excited about having their first child, and they wanted to celebrate early. But maybe it was because they were following the lunar calendar:

In most of the Christian world, a solar calendar called the Gregorian Calendar is followed. In Korea and most of the Far East of Asia, a lunar calendar is followed. This means that the 19th of November would have been the 1st day of the 10th month of the lunar calendar. Why is this interesting? Because a baby needs more than 9 months (usually about 40 weeks) to grow in the mother’s womb before it is born. Because of this, the 10th month of the year can be considered the time to welcome a child after it has prepared for 9 months.

But why do we need a Children’s Day in the first place? This is what True Father said on separate occasions:

“What is Children’s Day all about? It is the day when we can be victorious as children and reach the position of universal glory.”

“Children’s Day is when we children celebrate that we, who due to the Fall could not enter the state where we could partake in God’s glory, can finally for the first time in history abide in the state where we can participate in His glory.”

“The establishment of Children’s Day signifies the appearance of sons and daughters who are able to rectify the fact that they lost God due to the wrongful actions of God’s children.”

“Children’s Day is the greatest among the holy days. It is greater than Parents’ Day because it is the day for Parents to recover their authority.”

God is a Heavenly Parent who wants to enjoy a relationship of love with God’s children. Because the first humans abandoned God, our Heavenly Parent has been waiting for God’s children to return. True Parents were able to become the new ancestors of humanity, allowing all people to return to God both spiritually and physically. Their first child would have been the first person to be born as a child of God. Our Heavenly Parent was really happy to become a parent, finding God’s lost children. All people who are reborn through True Parents (through the Holy Marriage Blessing) can become God’s children, so Children’s Day is a day for all people to celebrate.

We celebrate True Children’s Day because we are proud of our identity: We are proud that we are God’s children and we are proud of True Parents for giving rebirth to all humanity. We celebrate this day every year so that we can remember who we are, as the children of our Heavenly Parent, and to express gratitude to True Parents for giving us the grace of being reconnected with God.

To end with, this is True Father’s prayer from the 10th Children’s Day:

“I hope and pray that You will allow all Your children to become true children based on their relationship to True Parents, to build true families based on being true children, and based on those true families, to expand into true tribes, true peoples, true nations, a true world and a true cosmos.”

Happy True Children’s Day!

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