Video Q&A: Get To Know About The Mediation Team

We sat down with Ron Chandler to ask about the recently formed Mediation Team and how it aims to help our community resolve conflicts and promote unity.

Watch the video below or directly on Vimeo.

With the help of a mediation professional, the team are participating in on-going training in order to better serve our community.

The team are currently looking for new members to join, so if you feel called to join, please contact the team using one of the emails below:

Inge Chandler             Email:             Tel: 07506 783495

Ron Chandler             Email:          Tel: 07579 057681

Hyosung N.         Email:           Tel: 07522 348257

Cecilie Fortune           Email:      Tel: 07941 692256 (from mid-March 2022)

General contact details:

For more details on the Mediation Team, please read last week’s article:

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