Want To Know More About Our History? Check Out A Detailed Timeline Of Our Movement’s History!

From the early days of our movement, up until the modern day, we have updated our website to feature a timeline which includes a detailed history of our movement in the United Kingdom going back almost 70 years. 

The following is taken from the timeline: 

The Early Church in the United Kingdom

1954 – David (Sang-Chul) Kim was sent as the first missionary to the United Kingdom. He studied in Swansea (University of Wales) and taught spiritual groups.

1965 – Rev. Moon visited the UK for the first time, where he was met by the first six church members and Sir Anthony Brooke, a well-known spiritualist. During this visit, Rev. Moon established a Holy Ground in Kensington Gardens.

1969 – Rev. and Mrs. Moon visited Britain again, this time to have meetings with small groups of people and interview several candidates for the forthcoming European Marriage Blessing of eight couples in Germany.

1970 – A farmhouse was rented just north of Reading which became the church headquarters. Missionaries from Britain were sent to the Middle East, namely, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, and also to Malta and Cyprus.

1972  Rev. Moon returned to Britain and spoke at the Friends’ (Quakers) Meeting House on Euston Road, London. He also asked for a mobile outreach team to be established. This gave the inspiration for “Samson Team”. An aged furniture lorry was brought for £300, equipped with two decks, and painted on both sides with a bold design, and the British Movement began to grow apace.

1973 – Rev. Moon asked for 120 European members to come to help in USA, among them, 30 from Britain answered the call. Several of these British members became state-leaders in USA, and a few, subsequently, became world missionaries in Zambia, Tanzania, Trinidad and Australia.

1974  After a fourth visit by Rev. and Mrs. Moon, a Holy Ground was established in a farm outside Swindon that had recently been donated to the Church. The Holy Ground consisted of oak saplings planted in the shape of a cross, symbolising the Christian foundation in England.

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