Watch a video highlight from True Parents’ Latest Speech

A video highlight taken from True Parents’ Words from Sunday 3rd, July, 2022. The Sunday Service was to Launch the 40-Day Period Of Devotion.

Or watch directly on Vimeo.

English translation:

During a tour of churches in the United States, I had the opportunity to visit and speak at the church where Pastor Barrett was serving. His church then became the first to hoist the FFWPU flag. Pastor Barrett is so respected in his community that a street was named in his honor, “Barrett Street.” On the path to realizing a heavenly unified Korea, how wonderful it would be if we could connect the South and the North with a “Heavenly Peace Highway”! [Aju!]

You must also have big dreams. It is up to you to educate this nation so that its people can fulfill and see the completion of their responsibility. There are many different religions, but the final destination for all of them is to meet True Parents on earth. In so doing, they can fulfil their purpose and their dream. In order to stand before the Creator, our Heavenly Parent, as His children, fallen people must receive True Parents’ Blessing that gives rebirth. Is that clear to you? [Yes.]

Watch the full video here.

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