Watch An Update Video From The Peace Road UK Team!

The Coast-to-Coast Peace Road walk has been going on for five days now, with the group hiking across the whole country along the Historic Hadrian’s Wall. 

Greetings from Northern England! We are on Day 5 of Peace Road UK walking across the whole country along Hadrian’s Wall. It is physically hard — 40000 steps a day — but spiritually, very rewarding.

We feel that we are restoring the bitter history between Scotland and England. This is a bit like North Korea and South Korea, and the border follows the same shape, so we are thinking often about the day when we can walk peacefully in Pyongyang.

On Sunday we were officially welcomed by Pam Birks, the Lady Mayor of Carlisle. She gave a beautiful and encouraging speech. Later we met her again at an interfaith prayer service at Carlisle Cathedral.

We are an interesting group of members and Ambassadors for Peace. The youngest is 14 and the eldest was June Darby, still walking at 80! No one can say they are tired compared to that.

The weather has been beautiful and the skies are clear. We are thinking of you a lot!

Mike & Fumiko Balcomb and the Peace Road UK team.

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