Website Update: National Strategy Section Added To Site

As we continue to develop and improve our community website, we have recently added a “National Strategy” section to the footer of the website.

Under “FFWPU”, the “National Strategy” section outlines our vision statement, mission statement and our fundamental principles and objectives.

To visit the “National Strategy” page, scroll down to the footer of the website, and click on “National Strategy” under “FFWPU”.

Our Vision Statement: “A peaceful society where Heavenly Parent’s love is experienced in all relationships, where blessed families thrive, and everyone feels at home as part of Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community.”

Our Mission Statement: “We are individuals of integrity and compassion who create happy and loving families, take ownership and serve our nation and the world as one family under God as guided by True Parents.”

Also included are our goals as a community, which include:

  1. Reflect The Character Of God, Our Heavenly Parent
  2. Individual Of Integrity
  3. Individual Of Compassion
  4. Families Of True Love, Life & Lineage
  5. Vibrant & Strong Communities
  6. Contribute To A Just, Peaceful & Inclusive Society

In the coming weeks, videos on each of the goals of our community will be made available so keep an eye out.

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