WFWP UK – ARTIST FOR PEACE: “Paint our way to Peace” Activity Report

On Saturday 27th February 2021, the Awards Ceremony of the first annual Artist For Peace Contest, an art competition for young people from ages 5 – 16, was held, sponsored by Women’s Federation for World Peace UK.

Starting from the UN Day of Peace in September 2020, young people were asked to submit a painting on the theme of “Paint Our Way to Peace,” to encourage them to think about and express through art what peace means to them, even at this time of great difficulty due to the worldwide pandemic.

5 – 7 age category winners.

The event was held online due to the coronavirus restrictions.The MC for the afternoon, Mrs. Dawn Pollitt, gave a warm welcome to everyone, and introduced Mrs. Mitty Tohma, the European Vice-President, UK President of WFWP, who gave a brief overview of the work of WFWP in promoting women’s leadership and values-based education and youth empowerment.

Mrs. Tohma expressed how happy she was to see families participating together in the event, and how moved she had been to see the contributions of all the participants which truly expressed their hearts. She mentioned that although the winners had done incredibly well, the offering of all the contestants was so valuable.

The next speaker was Mrs. Ala Zubovskis, the coordinator for the Bromley WFWP Branch, who had the inspiration to initiate the competition. Ala thanked everyone, including the organising committee, and re-iterated Mitty’s remarks that all the young people had made an incredible contribution. She said it is so important to support young people in reaching their full potential. She hopes next to create a virtual art club for peace for UK youth.

8 – 12 age category winners.

The opening remarks were followed by children’s entertainer Mr. Simon R., Amigo’s Magic, who put on an amazing Magic Show which had the children alternately laughing and gasping in wonder.
The audience, young and not so young, were all truly captivated by it.

Next, Mrs. Pollitt introduced the 3 judges – the Head Judge, Mr. Christopher Bennett, gave an overview of how all the children’s lovely artwork had been appraised and judged, after a lot of consideration. The other two judges were Mrs. Romica Jones and Mrs. Tina Baklanov.

We were then able to view a presentation of all the art submissions, which was really lovely to see. The 9 winners were then announced, 3 from each age group.

The winners were – Nina P., Robert, Milla, Nicholas C., Malachy, Kadijah, Imran N., Ahana M. and Sonal G.

Finally everyone was invited to get up and dance to end this joyful and celebratory event. Photographs were taken of everyone, and the winners were invited to stay behind after the main part of the event to be photographed in their groups and to give a brief explanation of the inspiration behind their work.

A bright, joyful and inspiring time was had by all. 

Thank you to our sponsors: FFWPU HPHC – Central London Community, Bromley Community, Mrs. Karan G., Mrs. Anne H. and WFWP HQ. 

And a special thanks to our organisation team: Mitty Tohma, Ala Zubovskis, Tanya Chandler, Christopher Bennett, Matthew Huish, Joanna De Souza and David Rennie. 

Report written by Anne Kobayashi.

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