What Is Peace Road?

As we prepare for the Peace Road UK Coast-to-Coast walk along Hadrian’s Wall, we look back at the history of the Peace Road project and how it began.

Throughout the course of recorded history, humanity has built roads. From the Silk Road, which stretched from Europe to China, to the Roman road system which allowed the Roman legions to create a vast empire known across the world. The opportunities and connections that roads allow for are fundamental in creating a unified world.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon pioneered the idea of a “Peace Road”. His vision was that of an international highway that physically connects people from across the world together.

In 1981, at an international science conference in Seoul, he advocated for the construction of a highway between Korea and Japan, two former enemy nations.

From 2005, he began championing an even more ambitious project: the construction of a “Peace Tunnel” to cross the Bering Strait.

In an address to the United Nations in Geneva, Rev. Moon said: “This tunnel can help make the world a single community at last…Think of how much money the world is wasting on war.

“The time has come for nations to work together, pool their resources and, as the prophet Isaiah taught, beat our swords into ploughshares and pruning hooks.”

The idea of an International Peace Highway demonstrates Rev. Moon’s conviction that humanity is One Family Under God. He believed that if people could meet each other in daily life, through culture, trade, and travel, they would come to break down the historic fears and misunderstandings that often divide us from our closest neighbours.

In 2012, the first Peace Road Forum was held while in 2014, the World Peace Tunnel Foundation (WPTF) established the Peace Road Academy, for university students.

In 2015, on the 3rd Anniversary of Rev. Moon’s passing, thousands of supporters and friends around the world walked, rode and drove the proposed course of the Peace Highway in honour of his memory and dream. The initiative began with an event in Las Vegas, Nevada, and was followed by programs around the world, with all the teams converging in the Korean town of Imjinjak, on the 38th parallel.

In 2017, the World Peace Tunnel Foundation changed its name to the World Peace Road Foundation.

While Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s dream and vision of a road or highway specifically built for world peace has yet to be conceived, the Peace Road project lives on with initiatives and activities taking place across the world. These activities usually take the form of journeys, tours and pilgrimages.

The upcoming Peace Road UK is a statement in support of unity and cohesion within the United Kingdom as there are renewed tensions with calls for independence and separation.

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