Young Members Bring In The New Year With A Winter Workshop!

Over the New Year, young people aged between 11-18 gathered at Cleeve House to partake in workshop aimed around going deeper and understanding our God given characteristics.

The UK Winter HARP Workshop concluded on the 2nd of January. The workshop for young people aged 11-18 started on the 28th of December and ran into the new year. It was a great opportunity to start off the 2022 with new determination after a reflection on the year past. The workshop took place at Cleeve House, thankfully despite the difficulties laid by COVID-19, with a total of 55 people including participants, staff and guest lecturers.

The workshop theme was titled: “My Innerverse: Becoming Divinely Dynamic”

“If we go deeper and deeper in our search for the origin of the universe, we arrive at God.”

The theme revolved around exploring our internal being, understanding where we are in our path to become people of rounded character and how we can shape our “Innerverse” to reflect that which is inherent to God’s characteristics.

“The universe is filled with planets, stars, galaxies revealing awe and wonder. It is ever-expanding, hugely dynamic and created by the divinity of our Heavenly Parent who is at the core. Just like the universe, we each contain within us an infinite and vast potential to dynamically evolve and grow into a unique representation of God and His love.”

In this workshop, we explored how we can each pursue a lifestyle that brings depth, roundedness and wholeness through our understanding of the principle, thus inspiring and encouraging each other to do the same.

Through practical guidance extrapolated from the biblical story of Joseph, we encouraged the participants to apply the lessons learnt on this workshop into their daily lives to become creators and owners of their own internal universe: one that is filled with aspirations, hopes, values and desires of our God-given nature. Young people who divinely dynamic and have an “Innerverse” with God and True Parents at the centre.

During the workshop we had many wonderful lectures from William Haines, who provided the main content of the workshop. We also had a guest lecture from Dawn Pollitt on “How to become true brothers and sisters” and a variety of talks and activities from our core staff and morning inspirations from our team leaders.

To bring in the New Year, our co-director Grace Tribe led everybody in a series of activities to help in reflecting on the year past and write out declarations for 2022. Later in the evening we had our prayer night, where our workshop father figure, Ajay Rai, gave a talk on prayer, we sang songs to prepare our hearts and minds and gathered around a bonfire to pray for 21 minutes.

The participants had a new year’s “Rock out” until it was time to go outside for fireworks to welcome in the new year. Our co-director Grace gave a representative prayer to welcome us into the new year with our Heavenly Parent. Finally, we had a countdown to midnight and watched fireworks fly into the sky bringing in the new year together as a workshop family.

We would like to say thank you to all the staff member who offered the time to support and help out on this workshop; to those who helped in organising from behind the scenes, from praying for a safe and successful workshop to those who helped with developing the content design and structure. Finally we like to say thank you to all the parents and Participants for it wouldn’t have been a workshop with you all.

God Bless and Happy New Year!!

From the UK HARP Team.

Watch a teaser of the workshop below or directly on Vimeo.

View the full photo album here!

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