HARP-UK, also known as Youth Ministry, is the department of the movement which is responsible for providing specific faith education and care for the Unificationist Youth of the UK movement from the ages 11-18.

The three core roles of the National Youth structure are to:

Support regional Youth structures in their care and education on a community level.

Provide National level activities: education, a level of care, and a meeting point.

-Engage with the European level youth activities, community, and leadership – supporting them and encouraging attendance.

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HARP is not a separate youth movement, independent of the structure within the communities, but exists to support and guide the youth as a key way to serve our families and communities.
HARP (High School Association for the Research of Principles) – Takes care of those of high school age, from 11-18, as they enter adolescence through to young adulthood and deal with maturation and the challenges and opportunities of the teenage years. We have a fine tradition of HARP workshops and a precious community where elders are engaged and involved with their younger brothers and sisters. But it is also a changing group in a changing social climate: 12 year olds of today are growing up in a very different world than that of a decade ago, so we need to consider how we can draw upon our experience and resources to help support them.